Cub Scout lauded for saving diabetic mom

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In just two months as a member of Cub Pack No. 139 of the Boy Scouts of America, 6-year-old DeMaris Scarver has learned to become a better listener and sharpened his ability to take instructions – all of which helped him save his mother’s life.

Honing those skills would benefit anyone, but they are vitally important for the King Center Charter School second-grader because his mother, Dinesha Scarver, suffers from Type I – or insulin-dependent – diabetes.

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12th Oct 2013

The 1st World Scout Education Congress will bring people together to share, discuss and debate the experiences and expertise in Youth Programme and Adult Resources, from over 200 countries and territories where the Movement exists. The event will also invite inputs, from experts in the theory of education and from representatives of other youth organisations offering educational programmes, to give their perspectives.


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